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Web Systems

Web Systems

DC tech specialise in the design and implementation of web based business management systems for a wide range of applications.

We don't sell a 'standard product' for a specific business type, instead the only 'standard' part of our web based systems is the secure user management and access module. Once you are logged in through the secure SSL encrypted access page, the system is bespoke to your business and your requirements.

Within our systems we can create a number of individual 'modules' that all interlink to all the other areas of the system to create a potentially extensive yet efficient and specific business system that can help to successfully and easily manage your business online.

By using a variety of modern programming languages and web technologies, you can be sure that the product we deliver to you is not only current and up to date today, but also easily expandable and updatable as you may require.

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Advantages of a Web System

Contrary to popular belief, having your business management systems online doesn't mean you have to have a web based business or even have a web site. It does however have a number of advantages from the traditional 'terminal based' program, three major ones are listed below however there are a considerable amount more, but too many list!
The first major benefit by being online is that you can access the system using any device that has internet access. This means that you can access your system remotely when your are out of the office, on site with clients and even when commuting! So long as you can get online, you can access the system with no additional software or complicated set up procedures.
The second major advantage of our online system is that we can develop new modules to enhance functionality offline and then update the system remotely out of your office hours with virtually no downtime.
The third major benefit to our online system is customisation. We don't sell you a standard product packed full of features that are completely irrelevant to your business, we build the system around you. We have spent some considerable time developing a framework which allows us to economically develop and include even minor additions to the system quickly and cost effectively.

Integration Between Systems

We could also integrate our system with other systems you may be using within your business to aid ease of use and allow great time savings for all users and therefore help to generate a more profitable business.

Applications for a Web System

There are a vast number of potential applications for our web based business management systems. A few examples include
- CRM systems with customer and work management
- dynamic booking systems
- data input / survey recording
- reporting functionality
- stock management that can also be integrated to a web frontend e-commerce site
- multi-user and multi-site system access
- sales recording for monitoring and bonus calculations
- input and maintenance of shared inventory lists
- and much more.....

Still Using Spreadsheets???

In a lot of businesses, it has become increasingly commonplace to use spreadsheets to input, track and monitor large amounts of data because most people think there is no real alternative. There are many limiting features of using spreadsheets in this way in oppose to a database driven online system, such as:
- only one user can access and modify the spreadsheet at any one time
- shared spreadsheets need to be on shared access servers
- lack of security and audit trail for any changes made to the spreadsheet
- data is easily deleted or changed and is unrecoverable - generally by accident
- most people don't know how to use the spreadsheet the way it was originally intended so is easily 'broken'
- the shared spreadsheet is generally not accessible once you are out of the office

The scale, features and potential of our system to you is only limited by your imagination of possible applications for the system. So please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss what we can create together.

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